Sunday, August 21, 2011

Amber teaches her Junior Church class each week. She has around 30 kids who come. Kirsten and I came into her class today to “observe”. We wanted to watch and see if there were any areas where she needed some help. She did great! When the kids weren’t enjoying what she was starting to do (a game) she immediately switched to something else and kept their attention. She did well teaching the story, too, making it interesting and asking questions throughout. We were happy to see how well she did. The rest of the services, and our youth class, went well. We have had some bats that have been waking us up multiple times during the night. We finally got a good look at them tonight. They are eating the stalk of bananas we have hanging and ripening on the back porch. They are really big! The wingspan is at least 2 feet. They make a loud “thub, thub, thub” sound as they constantly fly around the house.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mom and dad kept the kids all day, and they are spending the night again tonight. It made for a very nice “just us” day. We were able to really relax! We enjoyed a couple of hours of just sitting and talking on the back porch. We really did feel like we got away a bit for our anniversary. We are very thankful that dad and mom did that for us!

Friday, August 19, 2011

We spent most of the day recovering from the long hours spent for the meeting each day this week. We hadn’t gotten much “family time”, either, so we had a family day, too. The boys and I worked on the pond while Kirsten and Amber roasted coffee on the back porch. It was a nice day together. It’s our 16th wedding anniversary (and what a great 16 years it has been!) today, so the kids are spending the night at grandpa and grandma’s house. We had them over for an early dinner then the kids headed over with them, to their house. There’s nowhere to go to celebrate, but even just having an evening of “just us” seemed very special. The kids also made us breakfast in bed this morning. It was really sweet

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today was the last day of the meeting. We had a mumu before church (they killed 2 pigs). They put the meat, kaukau, and greens, into the ground this morning, covered it all with banana leaves, and let it cook all day. The lady in the middle is holding a pig stomach. They’ve filled it with greens and cut up intestines. It is a special treat for them. The rest of the meat is all cut and ready to go into the ground. Today Kirsten taught on the servant character traits of Ruth. Afterwards, she read the book of Ruth to them, in Pidgin. For most of these women it was the first time they’ve read an entire book of the Bible. Most have just heard verses out different books. They were excited to now be able to say they’ve read an entire book! After the mumu, close to 7pm, church started. They didn’t finish till midnight! The ladies were all having such a great time they didn’t want it to end. There were many singing specials, too. Mom also did the 2nd half of her apron skit. This set of aprons all represented “service” (taking a meal to someone who is sick, taking flowers to decorate the church, etc.). Mom and Kirsten were both presented with 3 bilums each as a thank you from the ladies of the different areas of our tribe (for teaching during the meeting). Everyone is already talking about next year!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kirsten taught the second half of her lesson on Bible reading this morning. She really focused on ways to make it feasible. She tried giving them options and realistic ways to make it happen. One idea is that in each village represented maybe one lady can read. If so, those ladies in the village could meet each day and the woman who can read can read to all of them. Or, if only a kid in the village can read maybe they can get that kid to read to them each day (and give him a little food as a thank you each time). She really tried to go through the different excuses and find a possible solution to each one. She said that the goal is to hear, at next year’s ladies meeting, that some of the ladies read their Bible throughout the year. Mom did a skit this evening, using aprons and some of the girls in the church (Amber, too). It is based on a skit our home church did for the ladies a few years ago, during the Pastors School. The ladies all loved it! Tonight, each apron represented a different task (cleaning the home, serving, cleaning the church, etc.) The boys are really enjoying helping out in the kitchen!