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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kirsten and I went to Mt. Hagen today to get some plumbing supplies for dads house. We also picked up a 2000 gallon water tank for his house. Hes been trying repeatedly to fix the one he already had, but its still leaking out constantly. We left at 4:30am this morning and got back a little after 8:00pm. Our cell phone hadnt been working either, so we got that fixed in town and now also will have internet. We pay for the time, so well still be very limited in our internet use, but well have email and will be able to look up important information if needed at times. Its amazing the advances that have reached the jungle!

While we were in Hagen we went to one of the 2 restaurants in town. They have concrete walls surrounding the area with razor wire on top. A security guard opens a gate for those allowed to come in. Kirsten could see out the window and saw the security guard allow about 10 national young men through the gate. She kept watching them because they didnt seem to have any good reason for being there and were just hanging around. We watched a vehicle start heading towards the gate. Then the men all rushed the vehicle and started beating up the man inside. We thought it was a fight with another national and just watched, feeling helpless. Its best if we dont get involved with the fights between the nationals, especially in town. It was getting pretty awful and I was contemplating getting involved regardless when something scared them off. We hadnt been able to see the driver, but when he tumbled out of his seat we saw white skin and realized it was NOT a beef between nationals. We had just watched an Indian businessman get beat-up! I felt horrible knowing that I hadnt tried to help him! When we left he was being patched up and the police were there taking care of things. We really felt sick about it for quite a while!

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